What’s wrong with my beet roots?

One day, all the beet root plants started getting whitish spots on their leaves; the spots spread quickly until the leaves withered and died. The beets weren’t the only plants affected – the spinach patch (which is next to the beets) suffered a similar fate.
We have various theories as to what the cause might be; none of them have been confirmed so far. Was it bird shit? The hot weather? Some strange disease? The jury is still out. Perhaps this is destined to remain one of the great unsolved gardening mysteries…
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One Response to What’s wrong with my beet roots?

  1. Wendy says:

    There are a LOT of birds in the neighborhood and the surrounding trees, I am definitely in the bird shit camp!  In all my years of gardening, I have never seen this happen to the leaves… 
    It is a new plot and the soil is definitly in need of additional and extensive amending…maybe, just maybe there is something lacking in the soil.  Though that wouldn\’t explain why the new growth is looking so good and the other greens are doing well…  Blasted birds!

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