My first olympic

Last weekend I completed my first olympic distance triathlon. Overall, I was happy with the way the race went – I did about as well as I am capable of, given my current training volume. It was good enough to secure me 40th place overall and 4th within my age group. TriFreak put on a very well organized race and I’m sure I’ll be back again next year to try and do a little better.
Some random observations and lessons learnt:
  • my swim sucks – I should be able to pick up 4-5 minutes on this section alone. Also, I could push a little harder. I swam conservatively, because I wasn’t sure how hard the rest of the day would be.
  • T1 and T2 were good – way better than on my first sprint tris last year; not much room to improve there
  • there’s still head room in the bike section – a lower position would help on a flat course like this – I need to look into aero bars. Oh, and more volume would be beneficial 🙂
  • don’t drop your water bottle as you’re heading out on the bike. Luckily there was a bike aid station handing out Gatorade bottles – that saved my race.
  • run was nice – I didn’t feel too bad at all coming off the bike

Next up is Beaver Lake – that should be a blast.

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