Pumpkin plight

The garden is a daily source of wonder – but not always quite in the way I would like. Take the pumpkins for instance. The vines are prolific and healthy, except for a bit of powdery mildew here and there; and they started forming numerous baby pumpkins. However, all but 4 of them rotted and fell off. Sometimes within days, sometimes over the course of weeks. But the pattern was always the same: the initially green pumpkin would get a yellow spot, which would get softer and softer, until the fruit was obviously rotten.
There is no visible damage to the skin or any other indication of why this is happening. Surely a pumpkin vine can sustain more than 1 or 2 fruits?
Oh well, I guess that’s a lesson the garden teaches us: to be content with what we have. At least it looks like we’re getting 4 pumpkins this year, which is certainly better than none at all.
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