Beaver Lake Sprint Triathlon

This is my second season of doing tris; BLT was my first chance to try and best my 2005 result under identical conditions. Apart from that, it’s just a great tri: lots of community support, great participation, and well organized. The course is also favorable for me: short swim and a steep hill on the bike section.
Overall I was pleased with my results – I moved up in overall ranking to 35th and beat my last year’s time by ~2 minutes, even though the swim distance was clearly a bit longer this year. Bike and run were great – nobody passed me on the bike (no surprise, given that I was 218th out of the water) and only 1 guy passed me on the run. But I’m disgusted with my swim. I guess I wasn’t warmed up enough, because at 200 yards I just hit a wall and was actually reduced to breast-stroking for a minute. The rest of the swim went pretty smoothly, but it was a very humbling experience. On the bright side, it will motivate me to put more effort into my swim training this winter.
Wendy had been battling a knee injury which threw a monkey wrench into her training and definitely impacted her result. She wasn’t too happy with her times; in spite of the circumstances she did improve a bit on both run and swim. 2007 will be her breakthrough year.
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