Fermented Foods Frenzy

We’ve got Kombucha brewing in the office; 2 sourdough cultures in the fridge; now we’ve added yoghurt and cheese to the list of fermented foods we make at home.
Thanks to the web and mail-order availability of cheese-making supplies in small batch quantities, we are now able to make these tasty products ourselves. I had tried my hand at yoghurt before, but without much success. The key to achieving a consistently thick and creamy product was using a large proportion of milk powder – we found the recipe on Jack Schmidling’s excellent site.
We have to wait a few more weeks before being able to judge the success of our cheese-making efforts: 3 batches are ripening in the fridge. We made a simple hard cheese, gouda, and cow’s milk feta.
I don’t know how much cheese we’ll be making; regardless, I enjoy learning about how the food we consume is produced. Cheese was one of the few things that had still seemed like a black art. It’s nice to get a better understanding and appreciation of fine cheese. Now I’m really looking forward to our trip to Amsterdam in December.
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