Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is approaching rapidly – time to dig up those pumpkin carving tools and create a spooky work of vegetable art. I carved my first pumpkin last year and was quite pleased with the result, so I was eager to do something a little more ambitious this year.
Strangely, it’s really difficult to find free patterns on the internet. There are a ton of halloween sites offering patterns, but they are either for sale or really bad. I was surprised, because I know some folks are pretty serious about their pumpkin carving. I guess that they guard their designs jealously.
After a lot of searching I finally came across the forums on carvingpumpkins.com; this led me to Noel’s pumpkin carving archive. He doesn’t offer templates, but with a little editing the photos work very well too. We chose to do Draco and the Masquerade vampire from his 2004 selection. They turned out rather nicely.
Have you carved a pumpkin yet?
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