We Have a Table

It was an arduous and drawn-out process, but we finally
found, ordered, and took delivery of a set of dining room furniture. We were
looking for something solid, simple, and attractive; which doesn’t seem
like a tall order, but it was surprisingly hard to find something that fit the
bill, and was not outrageously expensive. I suppose quality has its price, but
1800$ for a table is absurd. It’s also incomprehensible to me, why most
quality furniture requires 3 months or more
to deliver.

We settled for a beautiful set
of mango-wood furniture, consisting of an 82” table, 4 chairs, and a
bench. We had actually looked at this table early on in our quest, but rejected
it as being too large. But as we looked at a lot of other furniture, we kept
returning to this set and it remained our favorite. So we re-measured and
reconsidered, and finally took the plunge.

We really like the way it looks in our dining area;
especially in combination with a nice, orange/red kilim we picked up at the World Market.

The next challenge is to find a couch – now
that’s a whole ‘nother story… stay tuned.

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