Racing Down Memory Lane

July through September is prime race season here in the Pacific Northwest. There are multiple races every weekend. Since my last posting on Lake Stevens, Wendy and I have completed another 2 triathlons: Federal Escape and Beaver Lake. These are the first events we did together in 2005, and we’ve been coming back every year since.

Federal Escape Olympic Triathlon

This year, Wendy took on the Olympic distance challenge, having completed the sprint distance in the previous 2 years. This was only her second Olympic event ever, so she approached it with a little bit of trepidation. I’m happy to report that the race went great for both of us. We were both quite pleased with our performance.

The only negative was that my race chip died, so I did not receive an official finisher time or placement. However, I was able to compute all of my split times based on the clock time and the available data points. I was a bit surprised to find myself outside of the top 1/3rd of my age group. It was a very strong field, since the race was a qualifier for the national championship.  

Patrick: 2:14:30 (swim 32:47, bike 1:02:52, run 0:36:57)
Wendy: 3:20:20 (swim 43:47, bike 1:26:34, run 1:07:15)  

Beaver Lake Sprint Triathlon

We really lucked out with the weather on this race – it started raining hard in the afternoon and continued all through the weekend; but it was dry on the race morning, with even a few sun breaks.

Wendy hit a few snags and wasn’t quite satisfied with a time close to that of last year. She can blame it on me, because in T2 I mistakenly racked my bike in her spot. It cost me a couple of seconds too, while I was frantically searching for my stuff that had suddenly disappeared from where it had been in T1 J.

I still managed to PR by more than 2 minutes; and I was really pleased with an overall 12th place (out of 457 finishers – 6th out of 47 in my AG) and the 5th best bike split overall. The 40-44 AG is incredibly competitive – I would have podiumed in every other AG. This is the one time I’m actually looking forward to aging up into the 45-49 AG.  

Patrick: 1:15:49 (swim 08:29, bike 37:27, run 27:02)
Wendy: 1:58:28 (swim 10:47, bike 54:55, run 48:43)


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