Which Are You?

As they say, there are just 2 kinds of cyclists: those that have crashed and those that will. Well, last week I firmly (re)established my membership in the former category.
As far as crashes go, it was pretty harmless. I was on my morning commute to work and it had rained the night before; at the bottom of a small hill there was a left turn where the road was cambered the wrong way; my front wheel lost traction and down I went. Luckily it was a left turn, so I just went flying to the side of the road.
I slowly picked myself up and assessed the damage. My bike was in good shape – a light was a bit bent and there were some paint scratches. As for me, I noticed a small hole in my leg warmer and my right thumb was sprained and rather sore. So I got back on the bike and – rather slowly and gingerly – completed my ride.
When I finally arrived at Microsoft and took a closer look I was in for a bit of a surprise. I had a serious patch of road rash on my hip and several smaller spots on my knee and elbow. If you’re not the squeamish kind, you can take a look here. I still don’t understand how I got that road rash, while my thin lycra biking shorts remained intact. Fortunately I was carrying a road rash kit in my backpack. And as a loyal SlowTwitch reader I know all about the recommended protocol for road rash care.
Thank god for the new generation of moist wound coverings. I started out with 2nd Skin (a gel-based product) and today switched to Tegaderm (a breathable foil product). They both prevent scabbing and scarring, speed up healing, and reduce the mess and discomfort of a healing wound significantly. Tegaderm is my preference – it’s really easy to work with and you don’t even notice it’s there.
If you ride a bicycle, make sure you have some Tegaderm on hand!
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