Visiting the Composting Plant

Cedar Grove Composting Plant


Days are getting longer, temperatures are going up, and plants and trees are coming back to life. High time for us to get busy in the garden — we have a long list of things we’d like to grow this year.

First though, we needed to prepare the ground in our front yard. The top soil isn’t bad, but not very deep; below is a compact layer of rock and clay. So off we went to Cedar Grove to get a truck-load of compost; Cedar Grove Vegetable Mix, to be precise, which is a mix of compost, sand, and loam specifically formulated for vegetable garden.

Cedar Grove has an impressive operation. Big piles of steaming compost, and huge earth-moving machinery to deal with the quantities of food and yard waste produced by Seattle-ites. It’s all very sanitary, though — contrary to my expectations, no flocks of sea gulls wheeling above stinking heaps of refuse.

Job well done!Black Gold Our Zip-Car truck was loaded to capacity with 1 cubic yard of compost. Just enough to provide a nice amendment for the big plant bed we had dug up in the front yard. Hard work, but very satisfying at the end of the day.

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