First Visit to Vancouver, BC

Believe it or not, last weekend I visited Vancouver, BC for the first time since I arrived in Seattle in July of 2000. I really have no good excuse – it’s just a 3h trip including the border crossing; and it’s definitely a city worth visiting.

Weather conditions were freakish driving up. It was snowing heavily almost all of the way. Fortunately, Wendy was at the wheel; she’s a lot more comfortable driving in those conditions than I am. I think my years of bike commuting have made me a bit paranoid – as soon as there’s a bit of water on the road I start worrying about losing traction. Anyway, it had stopped snowing by the time we crossed the border, and during the course of the weekend it got progressively nicer.

We spent the night at the O Canada House, just 2 blocks off of fashionable Robson Street. There aren’t many old houses left downtown, and those remaining are hemmed in by all the high-rise apartment buildings that dominate the cityscape. But once inside, you were enveloped by the cozy Victorian atmosphere. It was very lovingly furnished and decorated, from the period lamps down to the Sherry decanter (complimentary for guests :-).

O Canada House In the parlor Cute nook in our penthouse suite

Of course you can’t experience a whole city in a weekend. We will definitely have to come back again soon. Some of the highlights of this visit: Vancouver skyline seen from Lions Gate bridge, Bloedel Conservatory, Granville Island, Kitsilano Beach.

 P1080597 Bizarre trees at Queen Elizabeth Park Queen Elizabeth Park Busker on Granville IslandGranville Market  Granville Market  Granville Market Lush (these are bars of soap) Sun Yat-Sen Garden Water taxi at Granville 

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