May is Gardening Month

Finally, mid-May, the weather patterns have changed and we are enjoying some warmer and drier weather. The plants are definitely perking up now, after looking very sad through long weeks of dark, wet days. You can tell that this spring was extremely wet by the forests of mushrooms that have sprung up all over our garden. Believe it or not, we even found a solitary morel growing under our Japanese Maple (unfortunately there have been no further sightings of morels since).











But now the beans are sprouting and growing, potato plants are filling in, and we can actually contemplate putting tomatoes, peppers, and cucumber starts out into the garden. So this weekend I’ve been busily building trellises for all that anticipated growth – just keeping my fingers crossed that it will materialize. We purchased all our trellising material at Bamboo Hardwood, a nice bamboo store here in Seattle. It’s a bit pricier than using discarded wood scraps from the furniture factory, but the bamboo sure looks nicer in the garden. Hopefully the poles will last many seasons.








Fortunately, some plants are clearly more at home in this climate and always do really well.

Bleeding Heart


Rosemary, Oregano, Chives

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