Seafair Triathlon 2009

seafair1 The first triathlon of the season and conditions couldn’t have been better. Lake Washington had warmed up nicely after a series of 80 degree days and the water was very calm; there were no clouds in the sky; and the temperature in the morning was a refreshing 60. Special bonus: I got to sleep in until 5am, since the race is just a 5 minute bike ride from our house.

At the start I ran into Ed, a co-worker and recent tri addict. He just started doing them this year, but he’s so excited that he seems to be doing just about every race available in the Seattle area. I’m quite happy with doing just 4 this year, thank you very much. Of course Seafair has to be one of them, given that it’s on our doorstep – and I had a podium spot to defend from last year (age group 2nd).



seafair2 About the race: I was feeling pretty confident about my bike and run, but less so about my swimming. So I started out nice and relaxed. There wasn’t much ‘interaction’ with other swimmers and I was feeling pretty good, so I cranked it up a little during the second half of the swim. I ended up with a split time pretty close to last year’s – no surprises there.

I was very apprehensive about the bike course: it’s fairly narrow for such a large number of participants (around 2000). Last year, there were a couple of hairy situations as I worked my way up through the slower riders from earlier waves. Things seemed a little saner this year – but I was very relieved when I arrived back at the transition area without incident.

What can I say about the run? It always seems tough, no matter the distance. At the 1 mile mark I passed a guy from my age group, the only one I saw during the race. Nobody passed me, but I didn’t really have any idea of how I was doing. So I kept on going as fast as I could, trying not to blow up before the finish.


seafair3 You can tell it was a hard run – I still look a little crazed. You can also see that upper body musculature is not a requirement for doing triathlons 🙂

seafair4 When the results were announced I was elated to see I had not only beaten my last year’s time by a small margin, but had also taken 1st place in my age group (26th overall). What a great day.

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