4 for 4

P1150728Beaver Lake 2009 and I’m on a roll. After placing 1st in my age group on my previous 3 races (Beat the Bridge, Seafair Sprint Triathlon, Federal Escape Olympic Triathlon), not only did I again win my age group, but I topped it off by winning Overall Masters (40+), recording the fastest bike split, and placing 2nd overall (by a mere 4 seconds). The first overall podium spot in my triathlon career!

There’s only one more race left for this season: the Grand Columbian half-iron. Hopefully I can carry my good form into that race, though my optimism is somewhat tempered by the dread of the 5 hour suffer-fest that I know is awaiting me.

I seem to have hit my peak this year: I again improved my times compared to last year, but only by a very slim margin. Clearly I’ve gone as far as I can, with the amount of training that I am putting in. I’ve been thinking hard about next year. It’s tempting to try and take it even further, now that I am doing so well – but it’s such a big investment of time, and there are so many other things I’d also like to do. I think I might take a year off and spend more time in 2010 bike touring, camping, gardening, flying kites, house projects, and a million other things I enjoy doing. Maybe I’ll just wait until I age up to the 50-54 age group before returning with a vengeance.

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