Racing a Tandem

My co-worker Todd is a bike freak and formerly serious racer. Of course he has a sizable bike collection, including a nice Trek T2000 tandem. Wendy and I recently borrowed it and had a lot of fun riding it – though it definitely does take some getting used to.

When Todd proposed that he and I enter in the CoMotion Classic, I was hesitant. We’d ridden all of 17 miles together on that tandem; I had never participated in a bicycle road race or criterium before; and the race was just a couple of days away. But what an opportunity – so of course I agreed, somewhat to Todd’s surprise.

The race is in Eugene, OR, sponsored by CoMotion Cycles, producers of some of the finest tandems on the market. It was a small field, only 8 bikes in the A category and 15 in B. But there were some very strong competitors, including Cat 1 and Cat 2 riders, and even a pro (riding with a blind paralympian); enough to make for a challenging and exciting race.

This was definitely a learning experience – there are a lot of tactics involved in bike racing; and to train properly for such an event would require something very different from my normal triathlon bike training. But all in all, I was very pleased with our performance – and most importantly, it was a lot of fun.

Here are some photos from the weekend.

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