What’s the difference between a triathlete and a caveman?

None, except that there was no race photographer to capture the caveman’s antics.


I encountered #162 Steve Prokopiw very briefly at the Grand Columbian triathlon. 30 seconds was all it took for me to observe him committing enough rule violations to merit disqualification:

  • blocking: hugging the yellow line and ignoring repeated requests to move over
  • unsporting behavior: swearing at competitors, inciting others to break race rules
  • passing on the right

Apparently he believes that as a CAT2 bicycle racer and former national track champion, race rules do not apply to him. Not exactly a role model for triathlon, cycling, or his team Vertical Earth.

Too bad his swim and run are less than competitive. I’m afraid I may have bruised his ego a little bit when I breezed by early on the run and left him in the dust.

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