Porcini in my backyard


Taking a little stroll around the neighborhood, we came upon a grouping of three big and beautiful mushrooms. We’re pretty ignorant about mushrooms, but they seemed to be Porcinis – if it weren’t so incredible to find perfect specimens in the middle of the city. They were right by the sidewalk, under a stand of birch trees. Why hadn’t anybody picked them yet? Clearly they must be poisonous, right? But you wouldn’t want to pass up such a find either. So we took one home to do some research.

It’s not easy to identify mushrooms based on photos – there is a surprising amount of variation within a single species. Fortunately, there are no deadly look-alikes to Porcinis – only some very unpalatable ones. So we mustered our courage and sautéed it in a bit of butter and tasted it: it was delicious! A smooth, silky texture and a really excellent mild mushroomy taste. This was the real deal!

Now I just hope we can find some more.


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