Slow and Steady

Some of our house and yard projects take a looong time to go from the initial idea, to work in progress, to actually being completed. Creating a fence of espaliered fruit trees was one of them. But this weekend we made significant progress and I pronounce it 99% complete – now we just have to wait for the trees to grow :-).

2 We’ve been planning to put fruit trees up against the fence on the north side of our backyard for a long time: it’s not a very attractive fence and the spot gets a lot of sunshine; plus we were just curious to try our hands at the art of espalier. So about 1 year ago we ordered 3 apple, 2 pear, and 2 cherry trees from our favorite purveyor or heirloom fruit trees. But at the time, our backyard was still in a state of disarray – so all this time they’ve been waiting patiently in a temporary holding area. Finally they are in their proper place – and we’re optimistic they will grow to cover the cedar and wire trellis we built for them.










4 Gabions are another idea that has been maturing very slowly. We’re going to use them to finish off and retain the upper boundary of our backyard. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at alternatives and figuring out what materials to use. This test gabion is the latest iteration and looks quite promising. The final version (there’ll be about 30 of them side by side) will use a denser mesh and more attractive river rock, but otherwise it’ll be very similar.

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