CCC_16Last weekend we attended the Pyromania workshop at Cob Cottage Company. The focus was on all things fire: primarily how to build and use rocket mass heaters; but we also touched on many other subjects, such as principles of combustion, Rumford fireplaces, and – of most interest to me – cob ovens. Being on site of this pioneering school of natural building, we were of course exposed to lots of other interesting ideas and directions in natural building. Not to mention a lot of unique and unconventional characters.

It was a fun, educational, and inspiring weekend. Our first application will definitely be a cob oven. It doesn’t require much space, it’s extremely cheap, and very feasible. I actually had the chance to bake bread in one and it’s a very versatile and quite efficient little oven. Not the ultimate bread baking oven, but a good all round oven that would be a lot of fun to have in our back yard.

Apart from the natural building aspect, we really enjoyed the location in the middle of the coastal rain forest. An early morning walk through the forest was one of the highlights of the weekend.

Here’s the photo album.

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