Poor Man’s Greenhouse

Today was a beautiful day – sunny and warm, trees bursting with flowers, all things green coming alive. You might think summer was just around the corner. Of course we know better – the weather forecast for next week is wet with night-time low temperatures around freezing. Oh for a greenhouse to protect those tender young starts and give our tomatoes and peppers a fighting chance. tunnel2

Some day we’d love to build one; but for now, we have to make do with the poor man’s alternative: a framework of flexible tubing covered with plastic sheeting. In previous years we’ve tried several variations of hoop tunnels, but none of them were quite satisfactory. This year we decided to go big and build something tall enough for us to stand up in. It will be a lot more convenient to work with, and hopefully the larger volume will moderate temperature and humidity extremes.tunnel1

It’s not a perfect setup yet – but it looks quite promising. When you stand inside it really does feel like a greenhouse – definitely warmer and sheltered from the cool wind. We started 3 varieties of beets and are excited at the new possibilities.

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