Weekend on Whidbey

Whidbey Island is one of the larger islands in the Puget Sound and just a short ferry ride from Seattle. That still puts it beyond easy commute range and as a result it has preserved some of the charm of its pioneer past: imposing old wooden barns; tiny pioneer shacks; fortifications; and some very nice Victorian houses. The best place to see these is Ebey’s Landing Historical Reserve in the northern part of the island. The reserve encompasses farmland as well as the small town of Coupeville.

We spent a night in one of the historic Coupeville houses that had been converted to a bed and breakfast. Built in the 1880s, it was well maintained and furnished with period pieces. Clearly, there were some wealthy people in Coupeville during its hey-day. Now it is mainly a tourist destination. Thankfully, the establishment of the Historic Reserve preserved it from the fate of neighboring Oak Harbor, which is now a bustling but rather ugly port town.

Since I was running a race we didn’t have nearly enough time to explore the island. Hopefully we can come back in summer and do some more exploring, preferably by bike.

I put a small selection of photos here.

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