Kirkland Half-Marathon 2010

Having done well on my first open half, I decided to sneak in one more unplanned event: the Kirkland Half-Marathon. It’s close by and the course is both scenic and challenging:


Don’t be fooled by the scale of the elevation chart. The uphill is quite significant; and your legs take a beating on the downhill section. I was quite happy with my result: 1:20:48 and 5th overall. I really would have liked to crack the 1:20 barrier, but I think I ran a better race than in Whidbey: almost the same time on a harder course.

KirklandHalf2010_1 Subjectively, it felt like a harder effort too. I attacked the uphill section in the beginning, counting on the downhill to provide an opportunity to recuperate. Turns out you can get your breathing and heart rate under control on a downhill, but the strain on your muscles just keeps adding up. The last few miles were quite a challenge.

It’s nice to see my Whidbey result wasn’t a fluke; I’ve satisfied my curiosity as to what I’m capable of as a half-marathon runner. It’ll be nice to return to a more leisurely running and biking schedule now.

Some more event photos are here.

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