Work Party

IMG_2685We got to spend another extended weekend at the Cob Cottage Company in Oregon. This time we weren’t attending a formal workshop, but participating in a ‘work party’ – i.e. doing whatever odd jobs needed to get done, while enjoying the special charm of the place and the company of some very interesting people. Chores were very diverse – digging potatoes, installing a green roof, cutting fence poles in the forest, organizing recycled building materials, putting a cedar shake roof on a freshly built cob wall.


IMG_2628It was another great weekend. We were really lucky with the weather: two sunny days and only one day of (heavy) rain – remember, this is in the northwest rain forest. We were assigned our own little cottage – it was really cute with big sunny windows, a ceiling like an inverted duvet, and a tiny but very effective Rumford fireplace. Most IMG_2654importantly, the other work partiers were really nice people. Oh, not to forget, delicious food served up by our friends Todd and Kei Chi.


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