Yacon Harvest


IMG_2736_1We’re experiencing an unseasonably early cold snap. Yesterday saw wind gusts of 55mph, several inches of snow, and temperatures down in the 20s. It was sunny today, but cold weather is forecast until Thursday, with low temperatures in the teens. This had me worried about our remaining root crops: Oca and Yacon.

The Oca really needs more time to grow. It is day-length sensitive, and doesn’t start to produce substantial tubers until November / December. We built a little shelter for it; hopefully that will keep it alive until warmer temperatures return.

Yacon, on the other hand, is harvested as soon as the tops die back. We didn’t want the crowns to freeze (which yield next year’s plants), so out of the ground they came. We were quite pleased with the results: an impressive mass of IMG_1275large tubers. Now they need to season for a few weeks to fully develop the sweet taste.

This plant looks like a winner: it has no pests, requires hardly any care, looks good while growing in the garden, is easy to harvest, stores well, and yields substantial harvests. Now it just needs to taste good as well.

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