Return of the Sun

Finally it warmed up and this Saturday was a perfect day to be out in the garden. It’s amazing how quickly things grow and bloom, once there’s a decent amount of sun.

IMG_3355We got a lot accomplished, including setting up our hive. We’d kept it in the basement during these rainy weeks; but now it’s up and we are ready for the bees. The last detail we need to take care of is a water source. We don’t want our bees hovering around our neighbor’s water fountain, so we need to offer them a drinking spot in our garden.



IMG_3360Golden corkscrew willow in bloom

IMG_3362Sweet Alyssum – these are actually tiny, but they smell good


IMG_3364The hops is getting taller by the day

IMG_3369Our Montmorency sour cherry tree is blooming for the first time. We might actually get a bit of a harvest this year.

IMG_3372Bleeding heart – this plant dies back completely in summer and you might almost forget it was there until it springs back up in all its glory.

IMG_3375Hellebore – Wendy’s favorite plant

IMG_3358Black currant getting ready to flower

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