First Hive Inspection

One week after hiving our package of bees we did the first full inspection. I.e. checking the comb that has been built to make sure it’s straight, looking for eggs and stores of pollen and nectar. We weren’t expecting too much progress, given the short time and the distress the bees suffer from being transported and dumped into a new home. We were very surprised to find they had been really busy and built comb up to bar #7; some of these were quite substantial and showing some nectar stores. We are in awe of our bees for building such perfect, straight comb.

IMG_3522 IMG_3503 IMG_3516

It’s still too early to expect to see eggs, so we opted for a shorter inspection. We tried to spot the queen, but failed to find her. That’s not cause for alarm – it’s quite difficult to spot her, especially for new beekeepers like us. We’ll know whether our hive is “queen-right” by next weekend, when we should find eggs and maybe some larvae.

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