Hive #2

IMG_3544Rain, wind, cold – not the type of weather you want when hiving bees. But that’s what we got; and the bees needed to be released from the small box they had been traveling in. They were definitely not as happy as the ones we released on a sunny day last weekend.

It was Wendy’s turn to release the bees, so she had the more challenging task. It did help that this was the second package – we weren’t quite as nervous and tentative. No video this time around: we were working as quickly as possible and in a tight space under a make-shift awning we put up.

Despite our best efforts, a few bees ended up outside the hive. It was so cold that they really struggled to fly, and unfortunately some of them are likely to have died. Wendy gets bonus points for not crushing any bees (I have 2 dead bees on my conscience). All we can do is hope for the best and better weather in days to come.

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