Farm Visit

IMG_3846I like to call our place ‘the farm’ because we do so much vegetable gardening; but of course it’s nothing like a real farm. Last weekend we got a taste of real farming when we visited HFO, our CSA supplier.

As farms go, it is tiny; consisting of just a few acres of leased land. But cultivating even such a small area is a lot of work. It’s quite impressive to look at the long rows of vegetables and think of all the work it takes to seed, transplant, weed, water, and harvest just one of these rows.

IMG_3829We focused on the last of the salad mix. On the field, we snipped off the leaves and removed as many weeds and wilted leaves as possible. Then it was off to the washing station – a couple of bathtubs and an industrial size salad spinner. Finally the produce was weighed, bagged, boxed, and stored in the cooler.

It’s a very labor-intensive crop; but also a high margin product. Altogether we harvested about 40 pounds of salad mix that will retail for $12 a pound. Other crops we harvested: chard, kale, broccoli, turnips, fennel, cauliflower, carrots.

IMG_3839Besides the farmers Casey and Ryan and their SOs, there were about 8 CSA members in attendance. They’re an interesting group of people – it was fun getting to know them; and very satisfying to see how much work we got done as a group.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for the best part of the event: BBQ and beers by the side of the river. So we’ll definitely have to come again this summer.

More photos

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