Building a Cob Oven–Part III

Another weekend, another step closer to having our own backyard oven. Today we added a layer of brick and cob for thermal mass. It will store the heat from the fire and then slowly release it back into the oven after the embers have been removed – critical for baking nice loaves of bread.

IMG_4053 The ring designates the actual baking chamber. It seems tiny compared to the size of the base; but we’ll need that space for thermal mass, insulation layer, and the secondary chamber with the chimney. 24 x 32 isn’t huge, but it should be quite adequate for our needs.


We could have just used cob for the thermal mass; but we chose to use a mix of brick and cob. It saved us some time because we didn’t have to mix up as much cob; and I’m hoping the dense brick will be a better heat sink than the cob. Also, it made it easier to get a nice, flat surface.


Mixing up the cob.


Levelling and finishing touches.

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