Urban Garden Sharing

I recently discovered a great site for urban garden sharing. The idea is simple: match up gardening enthusiasts that lack garden space with folks that have space, but lack the time or ability to create a garden. I’ve come across several initiatives along these lines, but urbangardenshare.org has the best implementation. It was created here in Seattle in 2010 (though it serves cities across the US) and already has a remarkable selection of garden spaces on offer.

Following the Great Potato Heist we were looking for a less public space to grow our annual staple crops. Our own garden isn’t big enough; and big beds of potatoes, cabbages, beans, and corn don’t make the most interesting and attractive garden features either. So we turned to urbangardenshare and quickly found a vacant lot just 3 miles away. It’s 7000 sqf, has excellent sun, and spectacular views of Lake Washington; and the neighbors are wonderful people and very supportive (they had listed this lot).

It’s too big for just us. But we can use as much as we like; and over time the neighbors may decide to participate. 2012 is shaping up to be another exciting (and strenuous) gardening year.

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