Thanksgiving With All the Fixin’s

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with friends; but we still felt the urge to cook up a traditional holiday meal ourselves, with all the accoutrements. Too much of a good thing? No way!


Cranberry sauce, baked yams, mashed potatoes, groovy gravy, roasted brussels sprouts, savory bread pudding (AKA stuffing), and a nice glass of Washington Syrah.






For dessert, pumpkin pie is of course essential. This one incorporated New England Sugar Pie pumpkin from our garden. The crust is a whole grain mix of rye and kamut.











The basis for great stuffing: a mire-poix with butter and sage.





Toasted bread cubes and pecans – lots.







Wendy’s very own recipe – I’m not sure what to call it since we aren’t stuffing a turkey. Whatever you call it, it’s super delicious.





Sprouts ready to go into the oven. The preparation is inspired by 101cookbooks.





Coffee and pie; and then a nice long nap on the couch.

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One Response to Thanksgiving With All the Fixin’s

  1. Dan Plaster says:

    You got us beat! That looks excellent, I can smell it through the ether.
    We’re coming to your house next time ;)!

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