Black Forest Virtues

IMG_4659With respect to firewood, hoarding is virtuous. At least it is in the Black Forest, where winters are long and hard, and wood is a primary source of heat. We used to poke fun at our neighbor who had virtually fortified his big farm house with walls of cord wood; not to mention numerous caches that were discreetly tucked away in the trees at the edge of his property – it was more wood than anybody could burn in a decade of Siberian winters. But there was also a bit of grudging respect for the effort he had put into it; and a bit of envy at his ample stockpile.

IMG_4660There’s no forest in the city, but lots of lumber yards. And they produce a lot of waste wood that they are happy to sell at a nominal price, rather than having to truck it to the dump. I think my Black Forest impulses got the better of me when I ordered these 3 giant bundles.

IMG_4662The resulting wood stack isn’t very pretty; but it’s nice to know we won’t have to worry about firewood for a long time.

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