Beneficial Bats

We like to create natural habitats in our garden, in addition to making it beautiful and productive. Of course those things really all go hand in hand: some informal areas in the garden are a nice contrast to the more highly cultivated sections; and the birds and insects they attract help to keep populations of pests in check.

The most recent addition is a bat house. Hopefully we’ll attract a colony of little brown bats in the spring. Each of these amazing animals can consume up to 1,000 insects per hour. Little brown bats are one of the species threatened by white nose syndrome; so it’s also nice to think we’re doing our bit to help them.

It’s not hard to build a bat house following one of the many plans available online. It turned out a fair bit bigger than I had expected for such a tiny creature; but hopefully it’ll blend in nicely. And it would be very exciting to have our very own bat colony.




The bat silhouettes are just decorative. The house can be any color you like.






The slit provides venting in hot weather; the grooves in the backboard make it easier for the bats to hang on and climb up into the box.

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