Sharing Chickens

Australorp is not just for gardens. As we browsed the listings, we came across an offer for a chicken share. Jeanine had been keeping chickens in Rainier Beach for the last 3 years. Now she was offering the opportunity for a chicken-newbie to join her in acquiring and caring for a new flock, in exchange for a share of the eggs.

We had been curious about chickens for a while; but with all the other things we have going on in our yard, there just wasn’t enough space for a coop and an adequate run. So we jumped at this opportunity. Not only will we enjoy super-fresh organic eggs, but we’ll also be able to learn the ins and outs of keeping backyard poultry from an experienced mentor. Plus Jeanine and her husband are really nice people that have a lot of interests in common with us – it’ll be fun to get to know them better and perhaps collaborate on some other projects.

Now we’re counting down the days until March 27th when we expect delivery of our chicks: 2 Australorps and an Easter Egger.

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