Seed List 2012

hidatsashieldfigurepolebeanThe days are getting longer and gardening season is approaching rapidly. Very soon now we’ll be setting up our seed-starting contraption in the basement to produce another year’s worth of vegetable starts. We are making an effort to pare things down to a manageable level this year; there’ll be less experimenting and more emphasis on tried-and-true varieties.

Our seed list is still pretty amazing – or daunting, depending on how you look at it. There may be a couple of additions and deletions yet, but it’s pretty accurate. Fortunately we are blessed with the gardener’s incorrigible optimism that this year everything will be so much better: seeds will germinate reliably, spring will be warm, and all the slugs will have migrated to Oregon.

Amaranth: Elephant head, Burgundy, love lies bleeding
Beans, bush: Rolande, Major (Y), Carson (Y)
Beans, dry: Gaucho, Hidatsa Shield
Beans, pole: Goldmarie, Italian Rare
Beans, runner: Scarlet emperor (p.coccineus)
Beans, garbanzo: Hannan popbean
Burdock: Okinawa Long
Cabbage: Early, Mammoth Red, Savoy, late flat dutch
Carrots: Danvers, Paris Market
Cauliflower: Leamington Winter Giant
Celeriac: Brilliant, Tellus
Celery: Tendercrisp
Chervil: Great green
Corn, sweet: New Mama super sweet
Corn, popcorn: Dakota black
Dill: Dukat
Eggplant: Fairy Tale, Little Fingers
Garlic: Bavarian Purple, Music, Trillium, German, Spanish Roja
Ground Cherry: Aunt Molly’s
Jerusalem Artichoke: Red Fuseau, Stampede
Kale Dino (Lacinato), Red Russian, Red Bor
Leeks: Liege Giant
Nigella N. Sativa (black cumin)
Onions, storage: Newburg
Onions red: bermuda
Pak Choi
Parsley: Broad leaf
Parsnip: White Spear
Peas, snow: Green Beauty
Peas, shelling: Desiree
Potato: Bintje (early), Cob Cottage red, German Butterball (late), Austrian Crescent (mid), Yellow Finn (late), Rose Finn (late)
Radishes French Breakfast, Sparkler, Watermelon
Rutabaga: Marian, Purple Top
Shallot: French gray
Squash, summer: Patty Pan (C.pepo), Crookneck
Squash, C.max: Sweetmeat Oregon Homestead, Anna Swartz Hubbard
Squash, C.pepo: Candystick Dessert Delicata
Sunflower giant varieties
Tomatoes Sun Gold (I, 65)
   Peacevine (I, 75)
   Polish Linguisa (I, 75)
   Pantano Romanescu (I, 75)
   Speckled Roman (I, 85)
   Persimmon (D, 80)
   Pink Icicle (D)
   German striped (I, 78)
   Beaverlodge (D, 55)
   Glacier (D, 55)
   Stupice (I, 55)
   Japanese black trifele (I, 75)
   Black cherry (I, 65)
Zucchini black beauty (C. pepo)

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