Building a Cob Oven–Part VII

We finally had a few consecutive days of fine weather and spare time on the 4th of July weekend, allowing us to resume our oven build. It’s been under a tarp ever since our last test bake in November 2011. At that time, cracks in the dome and a melted chimney had put our dreams of wood-fired bread on temporary hold.

What remained to be done:

  • rebuild outer cob and plaster layer
  • install new chimney
  • install rafters and decking
  • install green roof and rain gutters

We made good some good progress:


Rafters in place. We are using 2×8 to handle the heavy load of a green roof.

You can see some of the cracks in the dome and chimney. There are more on the other side.




The old lime wash and finish plaster need to be removed before we can start applying new coats. We scratched deep grooves in the old plaster to ensure that the new layer will adhere well.






Structural straw cob layer, partially covered by a more finely textured straw cob plaster. The difference is mainly in the length of the straw – it’s up to several inches long in the structural cob, but quite short in the plaster.






Applying finish plaster over the straw cob plaster. This time there is no straw and the plaster is much more liquid. It’s purely aesthetic and only a very thin layer.

Once everything has dried (slowly), we’ll add a couple of coats of lime wash again. We really liked the look of it; and it proved to offer quite good protection against water damage too.

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1 Response to Building a Cob Oven–Part VII

  1. Anonymous says:

    Natural Composite! Looks nice. Now you need an out door brewing facility 😉

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