Warre Hive Lift

Warre hives are similar to Langstroth hives, consisting of a stack of hive bodies. In principle, management of a Warre is exceedingly simple: add 2 empty boxes in spring, remove 2 full boxes in fall and extract the honey. A key difference is that in Lang hives, boxes are added on top (known as ‘supering’); in a Warre hive, boxes are inserted at the bottom of the stack (known as ‘nadiring’). This can be challenging, when the boxes are heavy with comb and honey.

Beekeepers are an inventive lot and have come up with many types of hive lifts to simplify the task of nadiring. We only have a single Warre hive, so building a hive lift seemed like overkill. Instead, we constructed a very simple tripod and windlass system. We used it the first time today and it worked quite well. It is easy to put together, cheap, and folds up neatly for storage.

warre hive lift

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