Basement Camp Kitchen

We’re currently having our kitchen remodeled and enlarged. Basically we’re tearing out a corner of the house and rebuilding it. Oh, and we’re replacing all the appliances too. So we’ve been without a range for a while now; and more significantly, without access to the kitchen space. Everything that used to be in the kitchen is now distributed around the rest of the house. Yes, it’s a little bit chaotic. But that hasn’t prevented us from still turning out tasty meals: we set up our Coleman camp stove in the basement, along with the espresso machine. We’ve got a microwave in the living room. And our new cob oven has come in handy – not just for bread and pizza, but also corn on the cob, baked beans, roasted vegetables, and more. Luckily we have had a working refrigerator and freezer all the time (also currently in the living room) – it would have been a lot more challenging without that. 


It’ll likely be another couple of weeks before everything is complete. It’ll be be worth the wait – but we are a little project-weary by now. This year has had more than its fair share of big house projects. It’ll be nice to settle down and just enjoy all the improvements we’ve made before we start on the next project (and we do have many more ideas).

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