Wendy has fond childhood memories of beignets which her brother used to make from a big bucket full of dough; hand shaped and fried, then served with whipped honey butter. Only recently, when we ordered some beignets at a Louisiana style restaurant, did she realize that the “scones” of her childhood were actually beignets.

So we were very excited to find a recipe that looked like the real thing. I followed Jamie’s recipe closely with just minor modifications: I made a preferment and put the dough in the fridge for 24h after the first rise. I also added a bit of lemon zest.

They turned out very nicely – just don’t eat too many or you might regret it.

IMG_7168 Beignet dough ready for the pot

IMG_7169 Fry at 350F in a heat-stable oil

IMG_7173 Flip them over and fry to desired color

IMG_7172 Nice and airy crumb

IMG_7174 A sprinkling of powdered sugar gives a festive look

YeastSpotting submission #7

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