Seed Review 2012

The year is almost over – a good time to take stock of how different varieties performed. We do like to try new things every year; but we also want to make sure we are planting tried and true varieties that we can rely on to provide the kitchen with fresh vegetables throughout the year.

Of course, there are many variables that affect yield besides seed variety: the weather, where and when they were planted, what companion plants were present, soil nutrient levels, etc. These factors are hard to measure and sometimes beyond our control. In the end, we need seeds that can do well under the conditions that prevail in our garden, whatever they may be.

Without further ado, here are the winners for 2012.

  • Celeriac – tellus and brilliant
  • Radishes – watermelon
  • Basil – genovese
  • Carrots – nantes (saved seed)
  • Potatoes – rose finn, bintje, german butterball, cob cottage
  • Squash – Carol Deppe’s lipstick delicata
  • Corn – Carol Deppe’s new mama super sweet
  • Dry beans – Carol Deppes’s gaucho and black turtle
  • Cucumber – oriental
  • Savoy cabbage – perfection
  • Kale – lacinato, winter bor
  • Rutabaga – purple top
  • Peppers – jalapeno
  • Tomatoes – black cherry, black trifele, glacier, beaver lodge, polish, pink icicle
  • Asparagus – purple passion, jersey knight
  • Shelling peas – desiree
  • Jerusalem artichokes – red fuseau
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