Pizza, Baguette, and More

Today was another big bake day at our house. By now, we’re getting pretty comfortable with the mechanics of baking in a cob oven. We know about how much wood is needed to get it up to temperature; how to read the signs that tell you it’s ready; and at which temperature to load different types of bread. Baking is definitely one of those things that need a fair bit of practice to become proficient.

Everything turned out really nicely. I was particularly thrilled with the baguettes – my shaping technique is still terrible, but it had the crunchy crust and open crumb that I look for in a baguette.


All this, and a pot of beans, on a single firing.









Baguettes proofing in a linen couche (AKA a dish cloth)

























This is a 50% whole / 50% white flour dough. The size of the gas bubbles is astonishing. The crust is satisfyingly crunchy too.

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