Spreading the Word


Last year we terraced our front yard and eliminated the huge laurel hedge that screened it from the sidewalk. Now that passersby can see what we’re up to, we regularly get comments and questions. It’s nice when people appreciate what you’re doing; and we’re really excited when parents bring their children over from the playground across the street to show them how vegetables actually grow in the ground! City kids so often have no idea of where food comes from, or that you can easily grow it in your own yard. It feels good to think that we’re making a little contribution to opening their minds.

So we decided to go a step further and open up our garden to the public, as part of Seattle Tilth’s annual urban farm and coop tour. We’re looking forward to showing our garden and sharing our ideas of sustainability with like-minded folks. Plus, we get the bragging rights for being selected as one of Seattle’s top 25 urban farm sites.

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2 Responses to Spreading the Word

  1. R + R says:

    Sorry, we couldn’t come to see the chicken and latest developments in the garden. Reading your blog is fun. Congratulations on the beautiful results of your toils. Rolf und Renate

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