Building a Coop

Since early last year we’ve shared chickens with another family a couple of miles away. 3 of the 8 chickens are ours: one Australorp and two Araucanas. The quality of the eggs is remarkable, even compared to organic free range eggs from the store. It’s been a great way to learn about keeping backyard chickens.

Our enthusiasm convinced one of our neighbors to start her own chicken co-op, sharing the cost and labor of keeping the chickens with us and another family. We have one chicken in this flock: a Speckled Sussex.

This time we were able to participate in the whole experience from the very beginning, including the building of a coop. It wasn’t too difficult but, as usual, it took longer than expected. We spent 4 or 5 weekends working on it, until everything was complete. Thank goodness one of our neighbors owns a nail gun – it makes framing so easy it almost feels like cheating.

We’re very happy with the way the coop turned out. And the chickens seem to agree.


Breaking ground in our neighbor’s front yard






A layer of mesh underneath the coop deters rats







Finished foundation






Framing the coop






Painted framing and beginnings of the hen house






Openings are cut right into the plywood wall






Finishing touches






Coop is complete and ready for its occupants






Happy chickens – that’s what it’s all about

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