When Life Gives You Peaches

IMG_8313Tie on a bib. It’s been a great spring and summer so far, with lots of sunshine. Our peach tree is loving it, and rewarded us with a first taste of home-grown peaches. You can’t call it a crop – there are only 5 of these juicy red gems – but we’re excited to have any at all. And judging by how vigorous and healthy the tree looks, we’re hoping for a good deal more next year.

So how did it taste? After all, Seattle isn’t known as a great place for warm weather fruits. Well, they are delicious. Not large, but not tiny either; and sweet and juicy. I expect that the results will vary a lot, depending on the weather in a given year. But it’s definitely worth devoting the space in your garden for a peach. Nothing says summer like a fuzzy, fragrant peach.


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