Garden Gleanings Pesto

Pesto seems to be on everybody’s mind during these hot summer days. OK, not everybody – but in the last week I stumbled across a bunch of different recipes on the blogs and web sites I frequent. Even my grocery store put out a pesto How-To video.

Coincidentally, the basil plants in our garden needed topping, so I decided to go ahead and join the pesto-making multitude. Frozen pesto is the best way of preserving the flavor of fresh basil into the cooler months.

In addition to basil I picked a few other fresh herbs in the garden. We are starting to harvest our garlic, but this was also a great opportunity to use up some of what’s left of last year’s garlic. The 2012 crop stored really well. Yes, cloves now all have a little green center or beginnings of a shoot; but you can remove that and they are still perfectly good.

Here’s the list of ingredients I ended up with:

  • basil – a lot
  • parsley – some
  • lemon thyme – a little
  • lime juice
  • salt, pepper
  • olive oil – lots
  • garlic – lots
  • almonds, skinned
  • walnuts

I leave out the cheese when I plan to freeze the pesto. Supposedly cheese doesn’t freeze too well, so we just grate it fresh when we’re ready to eat.

Do you have a favorite pesto flavor combination?

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