Ride Around Washington 2013


Every year, Cascade Bicycle Club puts on a fully supported week-long ride through a scenic area of Washington State. The 2013 route went from Lake Curlew State Park in the very North of the state, all the way to Maryhill on the border to Oregon.

I had participated in a couple of RAW rides in years past and really enjoyed them. This year, Wendy and I decided to do it together on our tandem. After our overnighter to Deception Pass we felt ready to embark on a longer tour.

Washington State is remarkable for the diversity of its landscapes, and RAW 2013 really showcased that quality. The ride organizers did an excellent job of scouting out low-traffic roads through some of Washington’s most scenic areas: from the sub-alpine meadows in the North, to the arid prairie landscape of the South. With less than 250 riders, we were also able to get to know some of our fellow riders.

All in all, it was a great experience and we will likely participate again in a future RAW. We also really enjoyed riding on the tandem together. With every day of riding we were a bit smoother and working together a little more efficiently. We could easily keep up with the single bikes and the other two tandem teams. In fact, we soon became known as “the fast tandem”, because we occasionally enjoyed really cranking up the speed (topping out at 50 mph).

Here’s a selection of photos from the trip.

And finally, here are the limericks we came up with for the RAW limerick contest:

There’s plenty of climbing at RAW.
When approaching the hill at Chesaw,
remember the time
Jens laid down the line
“Shut up legs” – and that is the law.

At RAW there’s plenty of climbing.
You’d be forgiven for doing some whining.
An English Major I’m not
but I’ll give it a shot:
My legs feel much better while rhyming.

When the ride profile points up like this,
a climb that you just cannot miss.
There’s only one way,
to have a great day.
And that’s with a good husband assist.

Two riders were riding,
I heard one of them chiding:
“Come on now, my dear.
Kick it up one more gear!”
On a tandem there just ain’t no hiding.

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1 Response to Ride Around Washington 2013

  1. Dan Plaster says:

    Awesome trip! I’ve ridden that Navarre Coulee road many times when stay at Chelan and a lot around there.

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