Changing of the Season


It’s pouring rain, the wind is blowing, and temperatures have dropped. It seems like Fall has come early this year. The garden is still green, but we’ve harvested the last of the tomatoes and powdery mildew is spreading on the squash leaves. It’s only a matter of time before the lush growth turns into a brown mess of decay.

But it was a good summer in the garden:





Sunflowers were bigger than ever












Lots of volunteer poppies popped up all over the garden





We love to plant a wide variety of tomatoes. Our newest discovery is Brown Berry: a cherry tomato with a deep, earthy tomato flavor.










We planted chick peas (Hannan Popbean) for the first time this year. They did very well and we harvested a fair amount from just a small patch. We’ll definitely plant more of these next year.






Pesto – we had an excellent basil harvest this year

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