Seasonal Cooking

IMG_9493Our garden is looking a little sad, now that fall has come. For the most part, plants have died or are in winter stasis. But you wouldn’t know it when you look at the variety of garden produce available to us in the kitchen. Surprisingly, this is the time of the greatest abundance: we have all the late season roots and tubers and greens; and we also have an abundance of preserves from the summer months.

Tonight’s dinner is a case in point. All of the ingredients (except oil, salt, and pepper) came out of our garden:

  • Scarlet Emperor runner beans (dried)
  • garlic
  • onions (Rosso Milano)
  • carrots
  • rosemary, english thyme, lemon thyme
  • stewed tomatoes (canned)

And a very satisfying meal it was.

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