Edible Perennials

Every year we’ve added a few more edible perennials to our garden. Over time, that has added up to quite a collection, even though we live on just 1/10th acre city lot. We covered the basics pretty early on and recent additions have been more unusual: this year we added goumi and caper bushes. We also have a few more varieties of hops on order to provide some more character to our homebrew.

Here’s the current inventory (herbs are not complete yet). Do you think we’re missing anything important? Suggestions are welcome (suitable for the Seattle climate)!


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2 Responses to Edible Perennials

  1. Oh my gosh, this looks like my perennial list. I’m attempting pom’s outside in ground in a super sheltered microclimate against the South side of the house. Should be fun. I just ordered Eversweet and Sweet varieties because they seemed to be the shortest ripening. Finger’s crossed! Looking at your list, what about mulberries, elderberries and chestnuts?

  2. It’s those Raintree and One Green World catalogs. They are evil 🙂
    I’d love to have chestnuts, but I think it’s beyond the scale of our garden. Mulberries however are on my short list – the contorted or weeping varieties don’t get too big. Though I’ve been told that you always need to add 50% to the catalog size.

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