Most Productive Garden Space

If you measure productivity simply in terms of value produced minus cost of inputs, then the most productive area in our garden is our 20 sqft nursery. The only expense was 20$ worth of plum rootstock; but within a couple of years we’ll have hundreds of dollars worth of fruit trees, berry bushes, and grape vines. Beyond a bit of weeding and watering, they don’t even require any attention.

Many plants root readily from cuttings – just stick them in the soil at the right time, then sit back and watch them grow. With a modest amount of extra effort, you can also root more finicky plants indoors, before putting them out in the nursery. What’s more, a shady spot in your garden is the perfect location, leaving your sunny areas free for growing more demanding plants.

Time – and patience – are the only big requirements. So get started sooner rather than later.






Plum rootstock and grafted cultivars









Grape vines











Black and red fruiting currants; apple rootstock, grape vines

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